Slide BitcoinSV has multiple communities, websites, companies and individuals.
Isn't it time we all converged in one place, synergistically, for the greater good of all?

Its time to SVING

SVING is a new dedicated hub for BitcoinSV Enterprises, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Developers and Hobbyists to network, align, help, learn, inspire, experiment and collaborate.

Together we go further, quicker... join us and help make BitcoinSV 'the' global public blockchain. We go further, quicker... join us and help make BitcoinSV 'the' global public blockchain join us and help make BitcoinSV 'the' global public blockchain.


Who needs Machine Learning when you have Community Learning. A community knows its subjects the best - why not just learn from it. Everything is tagged, rated, tracked and surfaced accordingly, gleaming greater insight into what the community wants or needs, endlessly self-curating, evolving, honing and chiselling its content, tools and data for increased relevance, usefulness and traction for its sole beneficiaries, our members.

MultiFormat Smart Publishing

All content and functionality is available via our web portal or via our Android and iOS apps. We can also send newsletters, can print our content as a magazine, display community highlights on a customisable dashboard and immutably archive content too. We also have a full api for custom integrations too.

Empowered through Bitcoin

Bitcoin changed Finance the same way that the Internet changed publishing. We think its now time for a new synergy, Bitcoin Publishing - Bublishing. We are actively developing and releasing a range of complementary, frictionless Bitcoin functionality within SVING's publishing platform over the coming months.

Next generation, publishing-disrupting features like Micro-Transactional support (content access, subscriptions, troll tolls, Pay Per View), Tokenisation, DRM, Tamper Proof Archiving and Deentralisation, Sell / Control your data will all be made available.

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