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The Membership details below are yet to be decided. Put simply a robust, bug free, up-to date, content and feature heavy community site will require some funding – the challenge is exactly how we achieve this. Professional Members is one revenue stream, sponsorship, advertising, job listings are an obvious other. Finally the use of Tokenomics should help further. We are very open to other / improved suggestions too so please feel free to reach out to us.

Committee members should have a vested interest in BitcoinSV’s Digital footprint, the public’s perception of it, its brand and the brand’s halo. We, as a committee, wish for BitcoinSV’s every success and will aim to help it, in public, in any way we can. Quality unbiased content, pixel perfect designs, clear ecosystem sign posting and up to date data – these are just some areas we will strive to influence and optimise. Internal politics are not welcome in any way – we are all equal and have a vested in Bitcoin’s success. There will be a maximum of 30 Committee members.

The Professional Membership is for companies or individuals who are earning through bitcoinSV or can afford, or are determined, to have more access to the Community and the tools and services we aspire to deliver. You get more voting rights and more gas to spend in the network too.

The Standard Membership is for the majority – its free and the current plan is it always will be. Bitcoin’s technology is designed for the benefit of us all and that must be the case, forever.




For companies & individuals who wish to steer the direction of the Bitcoin SV Community and have a say in what we do. There will be only 30 Committee members.



A professional Community member is a company or individual working within BitcoinSV, is funded or is generating a suitable level of income from it.



This is a free account designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about Bitcoin SV or is working already within BitcoinSV.

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